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About me

This page is intended to provide you with some information about me so you can know more about me as a classical homeopath and as a person. In the next paragraphs you can read about myself and my homeopathic curriculum vitae.

Personal background

My motivation for studying and applying classical homeopathy is to be able to treat people in a practical and concrete way. My goal is to gather as much knowledge and practical skills as possible and apply this in practice with my patients. As you can see below I constantly try to expand my knowledge and experience. I like to work in a professional and no-nonsense way but of course do not loose sight of the interpersonal aspects of treating people. I try to find a balance between the medical/ scientific and the humanistic/empathic aspects of curing people. The beauty of classical homeopathy, according to me at least, is that the whole organism is taken into account in the process of curing as opposed to focusing on a single aspect of the person (either mental, emotional or physical, or even more specific just one single organ or system). Also the impartial, objective aspect of classical homeopathy is something that I find very fascinating: when given the correct homeopathic remedy the body and mind start healing in their way and according to their own pace without being forced by a personal opinion or morale about what is good and bad or what should be done.

Professional background

My own seminars

Since 2006 I organize on a regular basis seminars on how to use specific software that is being used by the majority of the homeopathic community (in The Netherlands). In 2006 I even went to Helsinki to teach a group of homeopaths the ins and outs of this software. On this page you can read about the seminars I organized.

For non-homeopaths I teach a course about what classical homeopathy is, how it works, what is important to know for a patient and what to do with minor injuries in co-operation with the Volksuniversiteit.

Sometimes I also give lectures to non-homeopaths about a specific topic, like for instance menopause, arthritis or homeopathy in general. Please see the course/education page for more information.

Seminars voor anderen

In 2004 I organized a 6 day seminar for Dr. Farhad Adajania, a colleague of the well known homeopath, Dr. F. Master. During the seminar several topics where discussed like gynaecology, paediatric and dermatological problems together with theory, symptomatology, materia medica and chronic diseases. The seminar was well received by the attendants.

Next to this I try to help with the organization of seminars for the foundation Archive for Homeopathy and I assist during the Dutch IACH video course.

Foundation Archive for Homeopathy

The goal of the foundation Archive for Homeopathy is to collect clinically confirmed symptoms that have been cured by homeopathic remedies. I think this work is essential for the proper development of classical homeopathy so I try to help this foundation by assisting in several ways.

Co-operation GP in Den Hague

Starting from January 2009 I am now also practicing in a clinic in The Hague at the GP's office of Dr. R. Suliman. Twice a month I travel to The Hague to treat patients over there. The purpose of this collaboration with the GP is to exchange knowledge, homeopathic and medical. In addition to treating some of the patients of Dr. Suliman I also treat patients who are not affiliated with his office. Click here to go to a page with more information about this collaboration.

Radio, TV, articles, publications en lectures

For about one year, every Wednesday afternoon I talked about a medical topic on the radio during the program 'Nens in de middag' (Royaal FM). I also did a short interview in the radio programs 4FM Actueel, BNN op reis and Lijn5. These interviews can be listened to through the media page. For each of the interviews I wrote an extensive but comprehensible article to put on the website. At the moment I am too busy to write 1 article each week but I try to add information when possible.

I was also interviewed twice for the tv program RTV10+ with Vivian Boelen about the influenza vaccination and insect bites.

Further media publications which, I have done are, a short article in the newspaper De Telegraaf and the magazine Flair.

All media and publications are available on the media page.


I helped a few homeopaths with their books. I did a bit of work for the book 'Clinical observations of children's remedies' by Dr. Farokh Master, helped with the Dutch translation of Synthesis and helped Erik van Woensel with his latest book on case analysis. My help was very small but nevertheless very interesting to do.

Internship opportunities and guidance

During the last few years several students from different schools have asked me if they could do their internships with me at my practice. I feel it is very important that students can gain some clinical and practical experiences so that they can start their practice in a reliable and responsible way. That is why I try and provide students the opportunity and correct setting for their internship. In providing this opportunity I also maintain a strict separation between the internee and my patients which is maintained by students bringing in and treating their own patients. This way none of the regular patients will be treated by students.

In early 2009 I have also started a study group to provide hands on and practical information for the students and/or starting homeopaths. During these sessions some cases I have prepared are discussed.


During my studies I got in touch with the international homeopathic company Archibel S.A. (website). This was the start of a cooperation of several years with this company, who provides one of the most important software packages for classical homeopaths (digital versions of a so called repertory and materia medica). My contribution consisted checking, changing and supplement symptoms and information about remedies, as well as testing new versions of software. After a while I decided to stop the cooperation because of practical reasons.

Personal homeopathic training & education

Initial training

I am a member of 2 official Dutch Homeopathic Associations: Nederlandse Organisatie van Klassiek Homeopaten (NOKH) and Nederlandse Vereniging van Klassiek Homeopaten (NVKH). Like all classical homeopaths, I met the requirements by completing the 5 year basic training to become a classical homeopath. But I wanted to develop myself further and decided to do more studies and extra curricular activities, both during and after this training. Most of them are mentioned below. I still have good contacts with most of the persons mentioned below, so it is very easy to ask them for advise in case of doubt or when treating very difficult patients.

Clinical training course - Mumbai (India)

During my basic training I decided to go an extra mile and do my internship at the clinic of Dr. F. Master. I spent 4 weeks in Mumbai to do the Clinical Training Course. This turned out to be an excellent learning opportunity. The training course was very intensive: each day I spent 10 hours in the homeopathic clinic of Dr. Master but also in local hospitals and doing home visits. Dr. Master taught me and several other students several times as well as some of his direct colleagues. In India Homeopathy is much more acknowledged as a medical therapy than compared to most Western countries, also the training of homeopaths is much more extensive and rigorous than here. Whenever Dr. Master is in the Netherlands to teach a seminar we meet each other.

Open teaching course - Alonissos (Greece)

Also during the initial training I started to attend the 5 day Open Teaching Course in Alonissos (Greece) about once every year. This is being taught by George Vithoulkas. During the course many (live) cases are being discussed.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy - Video course - Groesbeek (Netherlands)

Since 2004 the Dutch branch (Erik van Woensel) of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy organises a video course of 3 years duration. This course is being taught by George Vithoulkas. I knew about Mr. Vithoulkas’ technique and approach of homeopathy from his books and by attending the summer course. I was very inspired by his practical, no-nonsense approach and his vast knowledge of homeopathy and his insights into people.

Mr. Vithoulkas taught for many years in Greece and a lot of his classes were video taped. From these recordings the best material was put together to create a video course so every one can attend this course in his/her own country. In the Netherlands Erik van Woensel organised the course. This course is surely an improvement compared to the mandatory training to become member of the Dutch associations. During the course attendants gain more practical, knowledge of materia medica, theory and clinical application. I have completed the course and am a proud owner of the international diploma that we received after the course.

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy - Complete course - Alonissos (Greece)

After completing the video course of the IACH I found it would be very important for my further training to do the course also in Greece. So that is why I started in the summer of 2008 the 3 year complete course taught by George Vithoulkas himself. The added value of this course is that the most important contemporary homeopath is actively teaching there. Each summer I spend a few weeks in Greece for this purpose.

Advanced level materia medica according to diagnostic method of Dr. Hering - Arnhem (The Netherlands)

In 2009 I started a training of materia medica (knowledge of homeopathic remedies) that lasts 4 days per year for 3 years. Dr. Master teaches this course. I know him well from my period in India. During the course about 200 remedies used in homeopathy will be discussed and differentiated. The lectures are based on experience of very reliable homeopathic authors of the past and extensive clinical experience of Dr. Master.

Seminar: Second prescription & Psychiatric cases - Lübeck (Germany)

During this seminar Dr. André Saine talked about the topic of 'The Second prescription & psychiatric cases'. This seminar lasted 4 days. During this Dr. Saine discussed adjusting the homeopathic treatment after the initial prescription, treating psychiatric patients, both from his own experience as the older classical teachers from the past. Most impressing was the live psychiatric patient who was diagnosed with borderline.

Seminar: Objective symptoms pertaining to behaviour and urinary system - Elewijt (Belgium)

I was invited to this seminar by one of the teachers of the Belgium Association of Physicians to attend the seminar. During the seminar the objective symptoms of behaviour and the urinary tract where discussed and where to find the correct rubrics and remedies for these symptoms.

Other training and seminars

Besides the seminars mentioned above I also attended the seminars below:

  • Erik van Woensel - Several 'Case conferences'
  • Erik van Woensel - Long term treatment
  • Every 6 weeks I attend the training of Erik van Woensel. The focus of these training are practical problems encountered during treatment. Students can ask about their difficult cases.
  • Farokh J. Master - Treatment of Advanced Pathology with Small Remedies
  • Erik van Woensel - Miasm day
  • Farokh J. Master - Live cases and case analysis techniques
  • Farokh J. Master - Live case supervision
  • Luc DeSchepper - The second prescription following Hahnemann's way
  • Farokh J. Master - Live cases, materia medica and repertory
  • Arjen Pasman - The mind as key for choosing the remedy
  • Frans Vermeulen - There is more than homeopathic materia medica

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